Library List 7-28-2016 leftovers books to read more

So there have been too many weekends of Book TV authors and books I discovered and reserved (we have an awesome library — they almost always have the books I want and the rare one that isn’t locally available is available through inter-library loan. But at this point, my reach has exceeded my grasp and I have to return a bunch to the library because there are holds, or they have been renewed over the usual limit, sometime over several times. But they are all so good, that it is hard to do a fast read and form an opinion. Especially when there are some particularly well-phrased lines, and elegant paragraphs worthy of annotation as well for readers to be able to get a sense of the books and the authors.

I’m a little bummed because I had made numerous notes before I realized it was more efficient to type as I read, and now I am having trouble finding the right notebooks. Even then, I will probably have some issues because I won’t be able to read my own handwriting or the notes might be too brief or out of context to have the same kind of meaning that reading and writing avails me.

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