Funding Fathers

funding fathersFunding Fathers: The Unsung Heroes of the Conservative Movement, by Nicole Hoplin and Ron Robinson, 2008, Regnery Publishing

Evil people (“heroes” not) names cited:
William Volker and his nephew Harold Luhnow, Henry Regnery, William F. Buckley Jr., Dean Clarence “Pat” Manion, Anthony Fisher, Gerald “Spike” Hennessy, Joseph Coors Sr. (think he was a Bircher), John Engalitcheff, The Kitchen Cabinet 3 – Holmes Tuttle, Henry Salvatori, and A.C. “Cy” Rubel

Holmes Tuttle et al were hosting a $1000 a plate fundraiser for Goldwater but he couldn’t come speak, so Tuttle called Ronald Reagan to whom he had sold a Ford Coupe in 1946.

They got 400 guests and raised $400,000 for Goldwater. It was 1964 and Reagan was Goldwater’s California campaign cochairman.

p. 195
“I have been hired by Joe Coors to help him determine where he should put his money so it can further the conservative cause.” When [Paul] Weyrich came across that letter from Jack Wilson, he was thrilled. Paul Weyrich, aide to Senator Strom Thurmond, Jim Lucier, and a Library of Congress researcher, Victor Fediay had been strategizing about how to help conservatives advance their ideas in the country.”

That my dears is how The Heritage Foundation came to exist. 🙁

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