Favorite Fiction Authors

I wish they had an “amusing” section for books the are funny but through prose, not “comedy” deliberately trying for jokes etc. Satire might be a category but generally has too much bite to be exclusively amusing.

Terry PratchettGoing Postal and Making Money are pearls beyond price. Discworld is where I want to live. RIP and thanks for all the joy and laughs and a pretty good bite too.

Douglas AdamsHitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Another RIP.

Larry NivenA Mote in God’s Eye, but probably like Lucifer’s Hammer the best. He wrote with Jerry Pournelle that are excellent. But he is probably most famous for his Ringworld series that he wrote solo.

Kelly Greenwood – recently discovered after seeing her books produced for Australian Public Broadcasting. My favorite is the Phryne Fisher Mysteries series that takes place in Melbourne in the 1920s where the impact of WWI was still resounding.