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stacked books I have readBooks function to entertain and inform me about history, places and so much more. At first I thought I was just going to write short reviews of the books I had read. Then I realized because I was reading with the intention to write about the books, I was thinking much more deeply about the content.

Sometimes I  agreed or disagreed with the authors.  Life experience proved that some books contained lies. Mostly that happens with conservative themed books. They either lie outright, by inference, innuendo, or just how they frame the argument and what evidence they include (or not, mostly not since they are lying).


When I began, I just was writing for myself, to think and to help me remember what I read.

So I just go with the stream of consciousness that reading the book makes me think about until I am forced to give the books back to the library. As a bookaholic who once had over 3,000 books (alas wish I had them all back again, donated to many libraries around the country as I moved from various states to states), I have only bought a few books since my self-imposed moratorium (down to 200 or so).

I have broken my “buy no more” plan. Some of the books just have to be owned and read again.

It is also so annoying when I can’t renew a book because someone else put a reserve on it. Imagine the nerve! This happened recently with a book on quantum physics! I was dumbfounded.

My main interests currently are local politics, disability rights activism, and the Supreme Court.

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