Against All Enemies by Richard Clark

Againsbook cover showing W, Cheney, and Rumsfeldt All Enemies” by Richard Clark.

The shock an horror from reading this book has not faded. Things were worse than I ever knew back during Bush the First and subsequently. This is a MUST READ BOOK.

The [Bush] administration has squandered the opportunity to eliminate al Qaeda….A new al Qaeda has emerged and is growing stronger, in part because of our own actions and inactions. It is in many ways a tougher opponent than the original threat we faced before September 11, and we are not doing what is necessary to make America safe from that threat. (from Goodreads and I think jacket text)

book cover of GW Bush and CheneyOn Goodreads another excellent book popped up in the recommendations that I read that I will have to add in this blog (have to recheck out from library) : Worse than Watergate: The Secret Presidency of George W. Bush by John Dean (yes that John Dean of Nixon fame)

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